Groundnut oil mill plant

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The equipment of the automatic groundnut oil mill plant mainly includes groundnut peeling machine, cleaning machine, hoist, roaster, oil filter, etc. Through mutual cooperation of these equipment, the production process from groundnut seeds to edible oil is realized.

The entire production process flow of groundnut oil mill plant:

Groundnuts(with shell) → Peeling → Cleaning → Crushing → Flaking → Cooking → Pressing → Filtering → Oil storage

groundnut oil mill plantThe production process flow chart of groundnut oil mill plant

The detailed function of each process as bellows:

①Cleaning device: Remove the various impurities in groundnut, such as: iron, stones, clump, plant leaf, etc. There are three kinds of cleaning machine: magnetic drum, cleaning sieve and stoner, which can clean up the groundnuts till the impurity content does not exceed 0.2%.

②Crushing machine: In order to obtain better effect, during the production process of groundnut oil mill plant, the groundnut should be broken into small pieces, so as to improve the oil yield rate.

③Flaking machine: rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increase surface area, destroy the groundnut cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.

④Cooking machine: use steam cooking method, injecting steam to cook the flakes for meeting the requirement of oil press.

⑤Pressing machine: Extract the groundnut oil out as much as possible, but the residual oil of cake is still often 6%-7%.

⑥Filtering machine: use leaf filter or plate filter to remove impurities in crude groundnut oil. Then you'll get clean groundnut oil.

filter machineTwo kinds of filter machine can be used in groundnut oil mill plant

Maybe you will ask if groundnut oil need refining, I can tell you the answer. Groundnut oil produced by pressing method needn't refining again, but if you use solvent extraction method to produce groundnut oil, which must be refined in oil refinery plant. So the groundnut oil mill plant that I introduced above is using pressing method, which is usually suitable for 10-30 tons per day. If you plan to set up larger scale groundnut oil mill plant, for improve the production rate, the solvent extraction plant and oil refinery plant are also necessary. Whatever, Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd. can provide you groundnut oil mill plant design and machine manufacturing service for different kinds, welcome you to contact us!

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