400kg/h mountain tung oil pressing production line project in China

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On April 13, 2022, we received the latest feedback from our customer in Hubei, China, that the 400 kg/h mountain tung oil pressing production line was successfully run. 400 kg/h mountain tung oil pressing production line is mainly composed of thresher, electric heating roaster, oil press, plate and frame filter and some necessary conveying equipment, helping the customer to realize the production of mountain tung oil.

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This pressing process of 400 kg/h mountain tung oil pressing production line is specially designed by engineers of Henan Glory Company according to the physical characteristics of mountain tung. It is the first in China's edible oil production industry. Before this, China did not have mature solutions, technologies and equipment that can handle mountain tung effectively.

Henan Glory Company designers considered the following factors when designing this scheme:

1. Processing capacity: The customer told us that he had raw materials of mountain tung and was ready for pressing. He hoped that the daily processing capacity could reach 4 tons per day.

2. Characteristics of mountain tung seeds: As the customer's raw material is mountain tung fruit string, it needs to be removed. In order to save manpower and improve the operation efficiency of the whole production line, it is equipped with a fruit removal machine to obtain mountain tung seeds.

3. Degree of automation: Henan Glory Company engineers are equipped with the twisting dragon conveying equipment for customers, which greatly improves the degree of automation of the production line, saving time and efficiency.

4. Other necessary equipment: electric heating cooking, oil press and plate and frame filter are essential single equipment for processing mountain tung seeds.

Hard work pays off, our carefully designed scheme has been affirmed by customer, and soon the customer placed an order and paid. Henan Glory Company factory also wasted no time in production and delivered the equipment for the customer within the agreed period.

After receiving the equipment, the customer conducted installation and trial operation under the guidance and help of Henan Glory Company engineers. The operation video feedback is as follows:

Henan Glory Company can provide not only conventional oil production equipment, also can help you deal with special oil, such as mountain tung seed, castor, flax seed, safflower, palm fruit, palm kernel, etc. If you have special oil production requirements, but can not find a suitable manufacturer, Henan Glory Company will be your best choice, welcome to contact us at any time to get the latest quotation.

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