Where to buy oil press machine in Nigeria?

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If you want to buy oil press machine in Nigeria, now I have a good news, which is that we, Doing Company, have warehouse in Lagos, Nigeria, so nearby clients can choose to buy oil press machine locally with cheap price.

oil press machineHenan Doing Nigeria Overseas Warehouse

In our Nigerian warehouse, we have three types oil press machine you can choose to buy. The fist type is common oil seed press machine for sunflower seed, peanut, sesame, soybean etc. The second type is palm fruit oil press machine. And another type is palm kernel oil press machine.

The following is the detailed information about these three types of oil press machine:

1. Oil press machine for common oil seeds

There are two kinds of oil press machines for common oil seeds.

Four sets of home use oil press machine, which can be used to process various common oil seeds like peanut soybean sunflower sesame, with input capacity around 8-10kg/h, suitable for home and small factory use.

50kg/h Hydraulic oil press machine, mainly used for peanut and sesame, also can be used to process copra, which is easy to operate and maintain with good oil yield rate.

cooking oil press machine10kg/h oil press machine and 50kg/h hydraulic oil press machine

2. Palm fruit oil press machine

1T/H palm fruit oil press machine, double screw with hydraulic control unit to adjust pressing screw and cage pressure, durable and stable screw can ensure long time running and life span.

palm oil press machine1T/H palm fruit oil press machine

3. Palm kernel oil press machine

500kg/h palm kernel oil press machine: specially-designed for processing palm kernels, since palm kernel is hard and strong, need powerful driving force, and we have tried it many times in our factory to ensure it runs well then deliver to Nigerian warehouse and sell to clients.

palm kernel oil press machine500kg/h palm kernel oil press machine

All of above machines listed can be sourced in our local warehouse in Nigeria directly. Besides, we also provide other capacities oil press machine or oil production line for different oil seeds. If you need, please contact us, then we can quote for you. If you order, we will deliver machines from our factory in China.

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