Cooking oil machine vertical leaf filter

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vertical leaf filter

Vertical leaf filter

Vertical leaf filter is a kind of cooking oil machine,also called vibrate filter.Vertical leaf filter can apply to  the filtration of bleached oil ,oil clarification flitration and the filtration and separation of crystalloid. Vertical leaf filter especially solved the problem of filtration and deslagging.Now it is used more and more widely.

Vertical leaf filter working process:

1, open the oil inlet valve of the vertical leaf filter and the overflow opening pump, fill the oil to the tank, mirror observed liquid flows out from the overflow pipe, illustrate the raw liquid tank has been filled.

2, close the overflow valve of the vertical leaf filter, open the circulating valve, start cycle, about 5-10 min, from the liquid outlet tube mirror observed above, illustrate the cake has been formed.

3, close circulating valve of the vertical leaf filter, open the valve to start above, filtering, the general filter cake thickness control in 2-3 cm, change from the upper part of the tank pressure gauge can observe the pressure, in the process of filtering, the filter cake will thicken, pressure rises, generally about 0.4pa pressure, the need to stop the pump.

4,stop the pump liquid inlet valve , open the inlet valve of the vertical leaf filter, start blowing cake, pressure is generally maintained at 0.45 - 0.5pa, the best effect of biscuit, cake blowing time is generally 15-30 min, mirror from the observation above tube, above has little half mirror, can stop the biscuit.

5, open sewage valve, will return to the original tank vertebral lower solution, open the exhaust valve, so that the pressure back to zero, open the valve of the vertical leaf filter, vibration tapping.

Advantage of vertical leaf filter:

1.dosen't need filter cloth,which will reduce cost.

2.totally-closed operation,which is environment-friendly and no oil seeds loss.

3.automatic vibrate deslagging,achieve continuous working and reduce labor intensity.

cooking oil machine vertical leaf filter

Vertical leaf filter

With a wealth of experience in the field of vertical leaf filter, Doing Machinery is good at providing customized vertical leaf filter for different kinds of vegetable oil processing process.

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