Oil refining machine

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oil refining machine

Oil refining machine

The purpose of oil refining machine is to get rid of  the harmful impurities and needless substances in the crude oil,aims at improving the oil storage stability,flavor and color. Then get standard quality edible oil or provides qualified material for deep processing.The oil refining methods are

chemical or physical method.There are three types of oil refining machine:batch type oil refining macine,semi-continuous oil refining machine and full continuous oil refining machine.

Workflow of oil refining machine:

Crude oil--Degumming--Deacidification--Decolorization--Deodorization--(Winterization/Fractionation)--Standard edible oil

oil refining process

Edible oil refining process machinery

Principles of oil refining machine:

1.to maximize the oil refining machine rate, reduce the consumption of oil refining machine. we  use the advanced technology and reliable oil refining machine. To achieve the highest oil yield. Such as salad oil production by physical refining instead of chemical refining; note that every process to reduce emissions of the reactants.

2. depending on the nature of crude oil, oil products, composition and size indicators, to determine the most reasonable step combinations.

3.the process of oil refining machine is simple and reasonable, less equipment and advanced production process of mechanization, continuous, high degree of automation, low labor intensity. Such as improved physical refining process using new SiO₂ adsorbent will closely degumming, bleaching and deacidification.

oil refining machine

Oil refining machine

We can design different oil refining machine according to customer's crude oil and requirements,such as batch type refining,semi-continuous refining and full continuous refining.For more information about the oil refining machine,you can visit our factory.

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