Cooking oil manufacturing process

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Cooking oil manufacturing process machinery is the main machine to produce cooking oil,The full set of cooking oil manufacturing process machinery mainly includes:cooking oil pretreatment machine,cooking oil solvent extraction plant and cooking oil refinery plant.The oil residue in cake after prepressing will be about 15%,Oil residue in meal after solvent extraction plant will be less than 1%.Cooking oil refinery machine is mainly to refine the crude oil comes from prepressing machine and solvent extraction machine,after refining,the oil can meet with first grade GB standard.

cooking oil pretreatment machine

Cooking oil pretreatment machine

Oilseed pretreatment & pressing machines is important section to remove impurity, regulate moisture and temperature, break oilseeds into small particles to change oilseed molecular structure,etc. Pretreatment standard is important for the following oilseeds solvent extraction process , which influences final oil quality.

cooking oil press machine

Coooking oil press machine

Extracting additional oil with solvents

4 .Soybeans are usually not pressed at all before solvent extraction, because they have relatively little oil, but most oil seeds with more oil are pressed and solvent-treated. After the initial oil has been recovered from the screw press, the oil cake remaining in the press is processed by solvent extraction to attain the maximum yield. A volatile hydrocarbon (most commonly hexane) dissolves the oil out of the oil cake, which is then recoveredby distilling the light solvent out.

cooking oil solvent extraction machine

Cooking oil solvent extraction machine

Removing solvent traces

Ninety percent of the solvent remaining in the extracted oil simply evaporates, and, as it does, it is collected for reuse. The rest is retrieved with the use of a stripping column. The oil is boiled by steam, and the lighter hexane floats upward. As it condenses, it is collected.

Cooking oil refining machine :

The oil is next refined to remove color, odor, and bitterness. Refining consists of heating the oil to between 107 and 188 degrees Fahrenheit (40 and 85 degrees Celsius) and mixing an alkaline substance such as sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate with it. Soap forms from the undesired fatty acids and the alkaline additive, and it is usually removed by centrifuge. The oil is further washed to remove traces of soap and then dried.

Oils are also degummed at this time by treating them with water heated to between 188 and 206 degrees Fahrenheit (85 and 95 degrees Celsius), steam, or water with acid. The gums, most of which are phosphatides, precipitate out, and the dregs are removed by centrifuge.

Oil that will be heated (for use in cooking) is then bleached by filtering it through fuller's earth, activated carbon, or activated clays that absorb certain pigmented material from the oil. By contrast, oil that will undergo refrigeration (because it is intended for salad dressing, for example) is winterized—rapidly chilled and filtered to remove waxes. This procedure ensures that the oil will not partially solidify in the refrigerator.

Finally, the oil is deodorized. In this process, steam is passed over hot oil in a vacuum at between 440 and 485 degrees Fahrenheit (225 and 250 degrees Celsius), thus allowing the volatile taste and odor components to distill from the oil. Typically, citric acid at. 01 percent is also added to oil after deodorization to inactivate trace metals that might promote oxidation within the oil and hence shorten its shelf-life.

cooking oil refining machine

Cooking oil refining machine

Packaging the oilThe completely processed oil is then I V measured and poured into clean containers, usually plastic bottles for domestic oils to be sold in supermarkets, glass bottles for imports or domestic oils to be sold in specialty stores, or cans for imports (usually olive oil).

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