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Sesame oil mill plant mainly adopts press method to produce sesame oil, because sesame has very high oil content rate, about 42%-45%, and pressed sesame oil can remain distinctive nutty aroma and taste, very popular among consumers. Here, Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will take you learn about the machines used in sesame oil mill plant.

Sesame oil mill plant contains sesame cleaning machine, hot wind sesame roasting machine, oil press machine and oil filter machine. Each machine has its feature and function, which is as the following introduction.

1. Sesame cleaning machine:

sesame oil machineThree types of sesame oil cleaning machine

It will use three kinds of cleaning machine: magnetic drum, cleaning sieve and destonner. Their purpose is to remove sand, iron scrap, mud, stone, tiny impurities, etc.

2. Hot wind sesame roasting machine:

sesame oil machineHot wind sesame roasting machine

Hot wind sesame roasting machine equips hot-blast stove, in which the heat generated acts directly on the sesame in the inner tube of the roasting machine. After roasting, the oil yield rate of sesame oil will improve a lot and the aroma of sesame oil will be stronger.

3. Sesame oil press machine:

It often uses screw oil press machine, which uses the rotating spiral shaft to continuously press the sesame from the inlet into the barrel. Every rotation of the screw shaft will push the materials forward. At the same time, with the gradual shortening of pitch or the gradual reduction of screw thread depth, the space volume in barrel is gradually condensed, and the sesame oil is pressed out.

sesame oil press machineSingle screw sesame oil press machine

This kind of sesame oil press machine works automatically and continuously, and the oil constantly flows from the gaps in pressing cage. While the flakes after pressing form tile shape cakes and constantly discharged from the other end of the screw oil press.

4. Sesame oil filter machine:

sesame oil filter machinePlate filter machine for crude sesame oil

After all the above machines' work is  finished, crude sesame oil is made but it may contain impurities. In this case, the plate filter machine plays a role part, which can filter the crude sesame oil to get pure sesame oil.

The pressed pure sesame oil can be sold directly. Except for with distinctive aroma and taste, the nutritive value of sesame oil is also high. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, proteins, sesamin, vitamin E, lecithin, sucrose, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, which are all good for health for people. And the most important is the price of sesame oil is higher than other that of vegetable oil, so if you work on sesame oil production business, the profit you will get is considerable.

Do you want to set up a sesame oil mill plant? We have the professional engineers team and rich experience. Contact us! Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will give you most suitable suggestion about your sesame oil mill plant.

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