Soybean oil mill plant

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Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the domain enable us to manufacture and export an innovative range of Soybean Oil Mill Plant.These plants are used for extracting edible oils from soybean. Our soybean oil mill plant employ optimum grade materials  and modern technology at our state of the art machining facility.

soybean oil mill plant

Soybean oil mill plant

Features of soybean oil mill plant :

1.Easy operation
2.Negligible maintenance
3.Modular design
4.High oil yield
5.Long using life

soybean oil mill plant

Soybean oil mill plant

Further details of the soybean oil mill plant:

The soybean oil mill plant is in great demand in different countries where the production of soybean oil is significant. We are the one manufacturer and exporter of providing complete soybean oil mill plant.

oil filter

Oil filter

The different machines included in the soybean oil mill plant:

1) Soybean oil seed cracker machine
2) Soybean oil expeller machine
3) Soybean material handling system
4) Oil filter

There are different capacities available for the Soybean Oil Mill Plant. We can provide small scale as well as large scale soybean oil  plant. The starting capacity is of 3TPD, 6TPD, 10TPD, 15TPD, 20TPD, 30TPD and so on. Of course, we also can produce the larger capacity soybean oil mill plant from 50-500 TPD.

The entire soybean oil mill plant is designed, manufactured, supplied and started by us. The production and test running of the soybean oil mill plant is also undertaken by our engineers and technicians. The client has to provide the space and building where the plant is to be installed. The whole soybean oil mill plant will be based on turnkey project basis from start to end.

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