Oil seed processing plant

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Oil seed processing plant refers to extracting oil from oil seed by cooking oil processing machine. The entire oil seed processing plant contains oil seed pretreatment and cooking oil pressing section.

The oil seed pretreatment is to make the oil seed in the best condition to extract more oil out. In other words, oil seed pretreatment is to best improve the production efficiency and save costs.

oil seed processing machineOil seed pretreatment and cooking oil pressing machine

As the above picture shows, these machines are used to process oil seed. They will remove the impurities out, and change the size, cellular structure, temperature, humidity, ect of oil seed.

However, what pretreatment machine will be used is according to different types of oil seed. So Henan Doing Company will design it depend on your requirements.

Oil seed processing plant working process flow chart:

Oil Seed- Shelling- Cleaning- Crushing- Softening- Flaking- Cooking- Pressing- Drying

oil seed processing processOil seed processing plant flow chart designed by engineers of Henan Doing Company

Cooking oil pressing machine also has many kinds, such as single screw oil presser, hydraulic oil presser, integrated oil presser, large oil presser, large scale oil pre-pressing machine.

Doing Company will give you the most professional suggestion about how to choose the oil presser for your oil seed processing plant.

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