DY130 small palm oil press machine

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Working process of DY130 small palm oil press machine :
Fruit thresher----palm fruit boiler---palm oil press---oil filter---oil refining ---oil storage---oil packing
Our DY130 small palm oil press machine can be driven by motor and diesel engine.The raw material is red palm fruit ,after boiling ,feeding into oil presser,Pressing by screw,then get red crude palm oil,after filtering and refining steps ,the refined palm oil can be cooking.

DY130 small palm oil press machine

1.The small DY130 palm oil press machine made by our factory is suitable for small farm about 3-15 hectares, or self-employed businessmen who process the incoming materials.
2.The raw material of red oil is getting from unbroken palm fruit (Weight is 10-20kg). After thermophilicdigestion,palm berry fruits are separated from the unbroken fruit. After heating, put the palm berry fruit into YL-130 palm dedicated oil press,the kernel,fiber,and the red oil mixture including water, slag can be produced. After separating,can get pure red palm oil.
3.The kernel can be pressed into oil by screw oil press after breaking.

Small palm oil press machine

Features of DY130 small palm oil press machine:
1.Special for pressing palm oil,put the palm fruit in ,with the kernel staying unbroken,press oil from palm fruit meat.the kernel can be pressed too.
2. This oil press is economical and practical, fast recovery,very popular with client in Africa and South America.
3.This oil press is only for palm,high oil yield,over than 30%.

Description of DY130 small palm oil press machine:
1.The small palm oil press machine main used to extruder the palm oil.
2.It designed and produced by our research institute, is suitable for 3 to 15 hectares small farm or processing  with supplied materials from outside for individual household,economic and practical, cost recovery soon.
3.It's very welcome by customers in Africa and South America.

Small palm oil press machine

The main parameter of DY130 small palm oil press machine:







Net Weight


Gross Weight




Our company is one leading producer of palm oil equipments in China, also one unit exempt from quality examination.We are committed to bringing in new technology , renewing products, keeping leading in this filed.If you have any questions about the cooking oil machines,please feel free to contact us!


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