Sesame oil extraction machinery

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Sesame oil extraction machinery is a complete set of machines used for extracting sesame oil from sesame seeds. Henan Doing is the manufacturers of sesame oil extraction machinery, providing high quality, low price sesame oil extraction machinery for customers all over the world since 1967.

sesame oil extraction machinery

Part machines of sesame oil pretreatment process

Doing Company's whole service of sesame oil extraction machinery includs sesame oil extraction factory design, sesame oil extraction machinery installation, workers training, sesame oil extraction machinery tech consulting and sesame oil extraction machinery after-sale service.

Process of sesame oil extraction machinery:

The complete sesame oil extraction process includes dry cleaning, hot blast air frying, pressing to extract oil, crude oil filtering, subsiding, these five sections to produce product oil up to standard of national second grade fragrant sesame oil and byproducts from the very beginning of cleaning.

1. Dry cleaning in sesame oil extraction process

The pretreatment equipments of this section including aspiration, screening machine unit, stoning machine, magnetic separator, aspiration system and so on. The total 12 equipments to finish the process of raw materials feeding, aspiration, screening, stone removing, magnetic separation, and the complete process of cleaning dust, air generated from this section. This section could reduce the damage to the subsequent machine.

2. Hot blast air frying

The hot blast air frying machine of sesame oil extraction machinery

This section is composed of fuel transport system, hot blast air stoves(oil furnace, coal stove), seeds frying machine, smoking system, hot blast air network, temperature detection system. The total seven equipments to fry the raw materials uniformly, ensure the protein denaturation and harden completely, separate the raw materials from the air and waste gas.

3. Pressing machine to extract sesame oil

This section contains warming conveyor,customized oil press,smoking installation,cake conveyor and so on, it’s total nine equipments to extract oil,transport cake,take out smoking in the pressing of this complete process. It should ensure the oil squeezed out fully after this section, the oil quality and operation environment healthy.

4. Crude oil filtering in sesame oil extraction machinery

Sesame oil extraction machinery

In this crude oil filtering section,the machine contains crude sesame oil pool, crude sesame oil pump, filter, oil pump etc. To finish the suspended solids filtering, transportation, meals gathering.

5. Precipitating

Precipitetation tanks and filter machine

This section are composed of oil pump,detecting system,gun barrel tank. The sesame oil begin to subside after filtering to meet the national standard oil quality criterion. (cool down and subside, filter at a low temperature. It starts to subside when temperature below 10’C)

After these five sections, we could get high quality sesame oil now. Doing Company will help you to choose the most suitable sesame oil extraction machinery according to your situation. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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