What are the palm oil making machine and their prices in Nigeria?

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Palm oil is one of the main edible oils in West Africa. It is made from fresh palm fruits. The palm oil production process is simple and easy to operate.

What are the palm oil making machine?

Doing Holdings-Henan Glory's palm oil making machine includes sterilizing tanks, fruit threshing machines, digester, palm oil presses, clarification tanks, and filters.

Palm oil making machine in Nigeria.jpgPalm oil making machine in Nigeria

The entire process of making palm oil can be mainly divided into three sections: fruit removal section, processing section and clarification section. The procedures for processing palm fruit into palm oil include sterilization and defruiting, digesting, pressing, clarification and filtering. Below is the video of palm oil making machine, you can see all the palm oil making machine clearly. For any queries regarding palm oil making machine, please contact us via Whatsapp: +13526627860.

How much does a palm oil making machine cost in Nigeria?

You must be very concerned about this issue. But there is no point discussing price without reference to the size of your palm oil production line required. Because if you just want a small palm oil making machine, the price is very low, as low as $1500. If a large palm oil production line is needed, the price will be relatively high. It can reach over $300,000. Mass production and multi-million investments are also common.

Palm oil processing.jpgPalm oil processing

Therefore, if you really want to know more about the price of palm oil making machine, you should leave your production capacity, machine configuration, model and other information in the text box below. And don't forget your contact information. Then our project manager will contact you as soon as possible and give you a price based on your situation.

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