What equipment is needed to start a soybean oil mill plant?

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Soybean oil is bright in color and rich in nutritional value. In recent years, it has been favored by more and more consumers. The market demand has been increasing year by year, so a large number of soybean oil mill plants have emerged. Many investors are confused when watching this project. What equipment is needed to start a soybean oil mill plant? In fact, large-scale soybean oil mill plants include pretreatment equipment, pressing or solvent extraction equipment, and refining equipment. Below, Henan Glory Company will introduce the specific information and functions of these equipment in detail.

Pretreatment equipment

Soybeans need to go through processes such as drying, cleaning, softening, flaking, cooking before pressing oil, so that the soybeans are in the most suitable state for the oil to flow out. This process is called pretreatment. Sufficient pretreatment of raw materials can improve oil quality and oil yield, therefore, pretreatment equipment is the first equipment that needs to be considered when opening a soybean oil mill plant. Pretreatment equipment includes an air thermal dryer for drying soybeans, a vibrating screen, a magnetic separator and a destoner for removing dirt, leaves, nails and other impurities. And a softening pot is used to prevent soybeans from damaging the machine. Finally, a cooker is used to adjust the temperature and moisture of the soybeans. After cooking, the temperature of the soybeans is generally around 100 degrees and the moisture content is less than 5%.

Soybean oil pretreatment equipment.jpgSoybean oil pretreatment equipment

Pressing or solvent extraction equipment

Soybean oil processing technology includes pretreatment pressing method and pre-pressing solvent extraction method. The equipment used in the soybean oil mill plant at this stage varies according to the customer's processing technology.

Pretreatment and pressing method: The pretreatment and pressing method requires pretreatment equipment and pressing equipment. The pretreated soybean raw materials can be directly entered into the oil press for pressing, and then a plate filter is used to filter the pressed crude oil.

Pre-pressing and solvent extraction method: The pre-pressed soybean oil cake after pre-treatment also contains a certain amount of oil. The oil in the oil cake is extracted into the solvent through the principle of chemical solvent extraction. The main equipment used in this section includes extractors, steam strippers, evaporators, oil-water separators, condensers, stripping towers, etc.

Soybean oil pre-pressing and solvent extraction equipment.jpgSoybean oil pre-pressing and solvent extraction equipment

Refining equipment

Regardless of pressing or solvent extraction, the final product is crude oil. To obtain edible oil that meets national standards, refining equipment is essential for setting up a soybean oil mill plant. The refining equipment used in this process includes refining pots, decolorization pots, deodorization pots, filters, vacuum pumps, thermal oil furnaces, fatty acid traps, shielding pumps, fatty acid circulation tanks, steam boiler systems, etc. Henan Glory Company provides intermittent, semi-continuous and fully continuous soybean oil refining equipment, and can match the appropriate soybean oil refining equipment according to the processing capacity of the customer's soybean oil mill plant.

Soybean oil refining equipment.jpgSoybean oil refining equipment

The above is the equipment needed to open a soybean oil mill plant, but the equipment is not static. Henan Glory Company can increase or decrease the equipment according to the processing capacity and detailed requirements of different customers' soybean oil mill plants, while ensuring the oil output. efficiency while ensuring greater benefits with less investment cost. If you want to know which equipment corresponds to different processing capacities, please feel free to consult Henan Glory Company.

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