Which cooking oil extraction machines are used for cooking oil manufacturing plant?

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Henan Glory Company can provide three types of cooking oil production lines and the cooking oil extraction machines used, from small to large. The following mainly introduces the machine used in the complete processing of cooking oil, including cleaning machine, shelling machines, flaking machine,pressing machines, cooker, oil presses, filters, solvent extraction machine, refining machine, etc.

Cooking oil production line.jpgCooking oil production line

1. Cleaning machine: First the oil seeds will be transported to our cleaning section through scrapers and bucket elevators. The first machine is a vibrating screen. Our vibrating screen is used to clean light impurities. Then the oil seeds will enter the magnetic separation section. , the magnetic separator is used to clean metal impurities in the raw materials to prevent damage to other machine, and finally a stone remover is used to clean heavy impurities in the raw materials. Then we get clean seeds.

Cleaning machine.jpgCleaning machine

2. Shelling machine: These clean oil seeds will be cut into small pieces by the crusher, and then we need a shelling machine to separate the shells and kernels.

3. Flaking machine: In order to increase the contact area between the oil seeds and the oil press and reduce the pressure and wear on the oil press, we will configure an flaking machine to press the oil seeds into thin slices and then press them.

4. Cooker: In cooking oil processing, the cooker is used to cook oil flakes and break the cells of the oil flakes to achieve a better effect of squeezing cooking oil. There are two types of boilers, horizontal and vertical. Customers can choose one of the two based on their factory design and area or other actual needs.

5. Press machine: The main function of the oil press machine is to extract cooking oil from oil seeds. For different cooking oil processing capabilities, there are three types of oil presses for people to choose from, one is screw oil press, the other is fully automatic oil press, and automatic oil press can be divided into those with filter machine and those without with filter machine.

700食用油榨油机.jpgCooking oil press

6. Filter: The filtration stage is generally equipped with a plate and frame filter or a leaf filter to filter different impurities in the crude oil and provide clean crude oil. Excess moisture is then evaporated using a vacuum drying system for easy storage. Finally, the clean crude oil is introduced into the crude oil tank for temporary storage.

7. Solvent extraction machine: When your processing capacity is 10-1000tpd, we have the whole cooking oil solvent extraction machine for you to choose, it have the following steps: extraction section, miscella evaporation and stripping section, dissolubilized baked meal section, solvent recovery section.

Cooking oil solvent extraction machine.jpgCooking oil solvent extraction machine

8. Refining machine: When your crude oil need to refine, we also have batch type cooking oil refining machine, semi-continuous cooking oil refining machine and full-continuous cooking oil refining machine for you to choose from. Our machine includes four stages of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. In order to meet production needs and ensure refining quality, we use 304 stainless steel in the deodorization section.

Cooking oil refining machine.jpgCooking oil refining machine

Henan Glory Company has experienced engineers who can help customers design cooking oil manufacturing plant, provide installation services and guide machine use, truly realizing personalized services and meeting customers' all-round needs for cooking oil processing. If you need any cooking oil extraction machine, please consult us.

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