What is the cost of groundnut oil production equipment?

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Groundnut oil is rich in a variety of nutrients and is the most popular oil on the market. The groundnut oil industry is also a hot industry in the market. The oil content of groundnut oil is about 50%. Many people want to start a groundnut oil production business. So what machine is needed to extract groundnut oil? What is the cost of groundnut oil production equipment?

For the cost of groundnut oil production equipment, we illustrate with different making capacity:

1. If your making capacity is less than 5 tons, you can directly use our screw oil press, which is very simple and easy to operate and has very high efficiency. In addition, we also have temperature-controlled oil presses and integrated oil presses for you to choose from. The cost of a groundnut oil press is around $2500.

Groundnut oil press.jpgGroundnut oil press

2.There are two options for the production capacity of 5-20 tons: one is a groundnut oil press, and the other is a small scale groundnut oil production line, including cleaning equipment, roaster, oil presses, and filters. groundnuts are prone to oil after pretreatment. costs for small scale groundnut oil production lines range from $20,000 to $40,000.

Small scale groundnut oil production line.jpgSmall scale groundnut oil production line

3.Large-scale groundnut oil production lines can be considered if more than 20 tons and the economy allows. According to the different techniques for extracting groundnut oil, large-scale groundnut oil production lines can be divided into two types: one is pretreatment and pressing production line; The pretreatment and pressing production line includes cleaning equipment, crusher or sheller, kernel shell separation equipment, flaking machine, cooker, oil press, filter, and the cost ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 US dollars. One is the pretreatment puffing leaching production line. The pretreatment puffing and leaching production line includes cleaning equipment, crusher, tempering pot, flaking machine, extruder, solvent extraction machine and filter. costs range from $300-100 million. The residual oil rate of our solvent extraction can reach 1%, which can maximize the oil content in groundnuts.

Large-scale groundnut oil production line.jpgLarge-scale groundnut oil production line

Our equipment can be adjusted to different degrees according to customer requirements until customer satisfaction is achieved. If you are interested in groundnut oil production equipment, you can contact us anytime, we will provide you with the best service and quality.

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