Turkmenistan customer ordered a set of DX-360 fluted disc crusher from Henan Glory Company

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On December 29, 2021, a Turkmenistan customer ordered a set of DX-360fluted disc crusher (змельчитель с зубчатым диском) from Henan Glorycompany for making beef bone powder. The customer needs to ship thecrusher to Zhejiang, China, where he cooperates with the freightforwarding warehouse.

At present, our factory is manufacturingthe fluted disc crusher according to the needs of customers. It isexpected that the production will be completed and the delivery will bearranged in the middle of next month.

This Turkmenistan customerfrequently imports equipment from China. And he purchased the oilpressing machine and plate filter from our company in September of 2011,and now it has been put into production smoothly, and the equipment isrunning stably. Therefore, when he had new demand this time, hecontacted us without hesitation.

Our project manager recommendedthe DX-360 fluted disc crusher based on the customer's needs, andintroduced the function, designs and advantages of this equipment indetail. The DX-360 fluted disc crusher can be used not only to grindanimal bone, but also to grind whole grains, such as corn flour, wheatflour, peanut flour, soybean flour and other granular raw materials.Furthermore, customers can adjust the density of the final product byusing screens. The fluted disc crusher also has the advantages of smallfootprint, high processing efficiency and easy installation andoperation.

粉碎机_副本.jpgDX-360 fluted disc crusher

The customer was very satisfied with our equipment.After communicating the specific equipment delivery details, the paymentwas completed by Alipay on the same day. Customers said that he madethe order because our fluted disc crusher is the most suitable in termsof material, processing capacity, operation method and price.

As aprofessional edible oil processing equipment manufacturer, we arehonored to provide customers with the best equipment to help customersachieve their business goals. If you are also interested in oilprocessing business, welcome to consult Henan Glory Company. We willspare no effort to provide you with the best edible oil processingequipment and all-around technical support!

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