What is the palm oil making process?

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The oil content of oil palm fruit is about 40%, and it is an ideal material for making cooking oil because of high oil content and cheap price. The oil palm mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions, specially in Africa, there are many people want to make palm oil to make money. The palm oil making process is different from other oil seeds. Now, Henan Glory Company introduces it for you to help you learn about it.

The palm oil making process can be divided into three parts: pretreatment, digesting and pressing, and clarification and drying.

palm oil production equipmentPalm oil production process

Part 1: Pretreatment (Sterilizing & Threshing)

In the palm oil pretreatment process, after weighted, the palm fruit bunches will get softened and cooked by sterilizing and threshing machines. In this way, palm fruits can reaches the ideal state of subsequent digesting and pressing and improve the oil yield rate.

palm oil production plantPalm fruit sterilizer

Part 2: Digesting & Pressing

After sterilized and threshed, oil palm fruits are putted into palm oil digesting and pressing machine. The machine can use the external mechanical force to digest the oil palm fruits into palm fruit pulp and then press the crude palm oil out of the pulp. By the way, the quality and the performance of the palm oil press machine greatly influence the effect of pressing process, so it is critical to select the proper palm oil pressing machine to ensure a smooth press effect and oil yield rate.

palm oil production plantPalm oil digester

Part 3: Clarifying & drying

There is a lot of impurities and excessive water in the crude palm oil, thus, it need to be clarified and dried. The machines usually used in this process are vibrating screen, clarification tank and plate filter. These devices can be used to remove fiber impurities in the crude palm oil and evaporate excess water automatically.

palm oil production plantPalm oil clarification tank

The above is the whole palm oil making process, if you have any question about this process or the information of the machines used in this process, welcome consult. Besides, Henan Glory Company can not only offer you single palm oil processing machine, but also can tailor a palm oil production line for you.

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