How to make homemade cooking oil?

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Many people want to make homemade cooking oil, but don't know how to do. Actually, making homemade cooking oil just need one set of cooking oil press machine. Prepare oil seeds for pressing, operate the cooking oil press machine, and then you will get the homemade cooking oil. If you want higher quality homemade cooking oil, you can filter the oil.

Do you know which kind of cooking oil press machine you need to buy?

As we all know that cooking oil press machine has different kinds and processing capacities. You can choose the cooking oil press machine based on your requirement. For the people of homemade cooking oil, there are two kinds of cooking oil press machine you can chose: mini cooking oil press machine and single screw cooking oil press machine.

cooking oil press machineScrew cooking oil press machine

If your processing capacity is above 500kg/h, you can choose the later, if not, you can choose the other one. For the mini cooking oil press machine, you can buy it on the internet directly. We, Doing Holdings can provide you single screw cooking oil press machine, which has low foot print, high oil yield and low energy cost. And if you want to get more oil, you can also buy a roaster and a plate-filter together.

cook oil press machineMini cooking oil press production line

If you want to buy single screw cooking oil press machine or small cooking oil press production line, welcome you contact us.

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