What are the steps involved in the edible oil refining?

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As we all know, because crude oil contains a small amount of impurities, the quality of edible oil is reduced and the taste is poor. Therefore, most of the edible oils on the market are refined oils, so how is edible oil refined? Next, I will introduce the steps involved in the edible oil refining process.

Edible oil refining machine

Step1. Degumming

In this step, we add hot water to dissolve colloidal impurities in crude edible oil to remove excess phospholipids and make the color more vivid and obtain purer edible oil;

Step2. Deacidification

Due to the crude oil after degumming still contains excessive free fatty acids, so we need to add alkali to deacidify, let out the soap stock after settling and obtain acid-base neutralized refined edible oil;

Step3. Decolorization

Then, we add white clay as an adsorbent to remove pigment in the crude oil and filter with a leaf filter after full reaction to improve the color of the oil and to obtain refined bleached edible oil.

Step4. Deodorization

Finally, the odor and part of free fatty acid in crude edible oil were removed by distillation to improve the quality of the edible oil further and obtain edible oil. After this series of processing, we will finally get edible edible oil. The figrebelow is the soybean oil refining process:

Soybean oil refining process

Maybe you already have a general understanding about the edible oil refining process. If you are also have interested in the edible oil refining steps, trust Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd, we will guide you to refining crude edible oil step by step.

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