How much tons of groundnuts can produce 1 ton of oil?

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How much tons of groundnut can produce 1 ton of oil depends on many factors, and the most direct influencing factors are raw material groundnut oil content andgroundnut oil processing method. If adopts direct pressing method, about 2.6 tons of groundnuts are required to extract 1 ton of oil, and about 2.2 tons of groundnut can be extracted if adopts pre-pressing&solvent extraction method.

pre-pressing&solvent extraction methodPre-pressing&solvent extraction method

Groundnut is a kind of oil seeds with high oil content, and the oil content is about 40%-50%. In order to facilitate calculation and understanding, in the following calculation process, we uniformly take the intermediate number, namely, groundnut oil content of 45% to calculate how much tons of groundnuts can produce 1 ton of groundnut oil. And we can use the following formula to do the calculation: Tons of groundnut raw materials required = Tons of groundnut oil to be processed ÷ (oil content of groundnut raw materials-residual oil rate)

Generally speaking, if adopts direct pressing method to extract groundnut oil, the residual oil rate is about 7%. So the tons of groundnuts raw materials required=1÷(45%-7%)≈2.6 (tons). And if adopts pre-pressing&solvent extraction method to extract groundnut oil, the residual oil rate is about 1%. So the tons of groundnuts raw materials required=1÷(45%-1%)≈2.2 (tons).

Besides that, groundnut oil processing machine quality is also an important factor influencing the groundnut oil yield. The high quality groundnut oil processing machine usually has the features of stable operation, energy saving, easy handling and low service life. It can extract groundnut oil more effectively and ensure the economic benefits of the groundnut oil processing plant. It’s recommended to buy them from professional groundnut oil processing machine manufacturers.

groundnut oil pre-pressing machineGroundnut oil pre-pressing machine

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