How to store soybean before extracting soybean oil?

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Soybean oil is one of the most consumed oil in the world, and there are more and more people looking for opportunities to start soybean oil business. In order to get better quality soybean oil, it is very important to store the soybean well before extracting soybean oil. This article mainly focuses on how to store soybean before extracting soybean oil.

soybean oil extractionSoybean and soybean oil

First, when storing the soybean, it is necessary to control the moisture and avoid dampness. Because Soybean can absorb moisture very easily, if the water enters into soybean, the soybean size will expand and become softer. Thus part of it will become hot and accelerate respiration of enzymes and microorganisms. Only by controlling moisture when store the soybean, can we avoid the soybean becoming mould, worsening its quality and reducing the oil yield also affect cake and meal quality etc.

Second, it is not good for storing the soybean for long time. Because soybean is rich in linoleic acid content, which is around 20-60%. It means the stability of soybean is low, and it is easy to oxidize and lose oil, even become rancid and produce peculiar smell, so better not storing the soybean for long time.

Third, keeping soybean at a moderate storage temperature. The cotyledon of soybean will turn red under high temperature, and the cotyledon will continuously deepen and expand, and even peel when serious, so it is better not to overheat during storage.

If you can ensure the soybean seeds be stored at less damp environment and reasonably lower temperature for shorter time, and then send to the pressing or extraction workshop, I am sure you will get better quality and more output soybean oil, which you can choose to sell to supermarkets or export to other countries.

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