What is the cost of setting up a small scale soybean oil processing plant?

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How much will cost to set up a small scale soybean oil processing plant? Have you ever thought to start a small scale soybean oil plant to process soybean oil? If the answer is yes, you can have a look at the following description of our new type soybean oil processing plant which is very suitable for processing oil below 10tpd.

soybean oil processing plant Mchines of small scale soybean oil processing plant

Capacity: 5~10 ton per day (below 10TPD);

Contained Machinery: Cleaning sieve, screw elevator, roasting machine (cooker) and multifunction screw oil press.

Highlights: Lower cost, higher output, fewer labor and continuous production.

Advantages of small scale soybean oil processing plant:

This kind of mini soybean oil processing plant is capable of pressing various kinds of oil materials, including soybean, sesame seeds, corn seeds, sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, rapeseed, groundnut and so on. The equipment composition may be different for extracting oil from different oil seeds. We can design for you according to your situation. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime you are planning to set up a small scale soybean oil processing plant or start a small oil manufacturing business.

We are processional manufacturer of soybean oil processing machine. There are mainly three different scales of soybean oil processing plant:

Small scale soybean oil processing plant:5-20TPD
Medium scale soybean oil processing plant:30-100TPD
Big scale soybean oil processing plant:100-3000TPD

Big scale soyben oil processing plant introduction:

(1). Cleaning: Our vibration screen and destoner will remove impurities, such as: iron, stones, clump, such as the plant leaf, clean up after the raw material peanut  impurity content should not exceed 0.2%.

(2). Crushing: Oil seed is crushed into 6-8 pieces. In order to meet the requirements of crushing, the peanut is suitable for crushing with the moisture of 7% to 12%.

(3). Softening: The purpose of softening is to adjust the moisture and temperature of oil, and make it soft.

(4). Flaking process: Rolling raw material into flakes, and the purpose is to increae surface area, destroy the peanut cell tissue, shorten the way of oil out from cake.

(5). Drying: Adjust moisture of rice bran to meet the requirement of going to extraction process.

(6). Cooking process: Use steam cooking, inject direct steam and cook the flakes to meet the requirement of oil press.

(7). Pre-press: Press the flakes to leave about 16%-18% in the cake. The cake will go to extraction process.

(8). Second oil press: Press the cake till the oil residue is about 5%.

soybean oil processing plantThe whole line of large soybean oil processing plant

Soybean oil processing plant is very popular in todays' market. From one of our inquiries we found that soybean oil making plants and relating soybean oil making machines are in high demand.

The soybean oil processing machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in the soybean oil processing plant which can extract vegetable oil from different oil materials. Including peanuts, black seeds, cumin, press rape, beans cotton seeds ,sesame, olive, sunflower, cotton seeds, tee seeds, coconuts ,cocoa, grass seeds corn pummels etc.

If you want to learn more about soybean oil processing plant, please continue reading.

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