How to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria?

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palm oil businessPalm oil business in Nigeria

I guess you must be interested in knowing something about how to start a palm oil production business in Nigeria? There are some information that I sorted out, maybe can help you.

The business that related to palm oil in Nigeria can be devided into several kinds, such as oil palm plantation business, crude palm oil production business, crude palm oil refining business, palm oil buying and selling business, etc. If you have your own oil palm plantation and have enough funds, then you can carry out other businesses.

Palm oil plantation business

palm oil plantation businessPalm oil plantation business

The first lucrative sector about palm oil business is by planting oil palm trees. After harvesting, these fresh palm fruit bunches are directly sold to palm oil production plant. And the other parts of oil palm trees can also be used for making many products.

Crude palm oil production business

If you have your own oil palm plantation, you don't have to think about raw materials any more. Build a palm oil production plant nearby your oil palm plantation is the best choice, which can save the cost of transportation and prevent palm fruit rancidity. If you don't have oil palm plantation, you had better find a reliable person who own oil palm plantation to cooperate.

Make sure that you get the amount of fresh palm fruit bunches every day, then choose a professional palm oil processing machine manufacturer to buy equipment.

palm oil processing machine Palm oil processing machine

Here are some articles that will help you:

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Palm oil production industry in Nigeria

How much will cost to build palm oil processing and refinery plant?

Palm oil processing plant can make crude palm oil. You can build your own palm oil refinery plant to make refined palm oil. Or sell the crude palm oil to local palm oil refinery plant.

Palm oil buying and selling business

It can be divided into two types - relatively small palm oil buying and selling business and large bulk palm oil buying and selling business. The first means to buy palm oil from a local place and then resell it to another place at a much higher price. For instance, you can buy the palm oil from a local market at about $3000 and then you can sell it at about $4000 to another place. While, the large bulk palm oil sale business is concerned with more complicated palm oil storage and transportation, and requires more investment.

From the current trend of Nigeria's economic development, the agricultural product processing industry is the focus of Nigeria's government support. The palm oil processing industry is one of them. Many people have begun to enter the palm oil processing industry and are ahead of development. If you want to find a good project to make money, don't wait any longer. Contact Henan Doing Company, our engineers and sales will give you the best and most suitable quotation.

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