Palm fruit thresher machine for palm oil mill plant

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This video shows the palm fruit bunch thresher machine working process in large palm oil mill plant. The following picture shows the whole production process of palm oil mill plant.

palm oil production processPalm oil production process flow chart

According to the palm oil mill plant standard process, threshing is the second step in palm oil production process. Palm fruit thresher machine is the major machine to separate palm fruits from palm fruit bunches. Henan Doing Company can provide small or large palm fruit thresher machine, the smallest capacity is 1 ton per hour.

palm fruit thresherSmall scale palm fruit thresher machine working process animation effect

The specification of 1 ton per day palm fruit thresher machine:

Palm fruit thresher machine

palm fruit thresher Two sets of palm fruit thresher machine in large scale palm oil mill plant

As the picture shows, the number of palm fruit thresher machine is according to the capacity of your palm oil mill plant. This is similar to palm oil pressers.

palm bunch thresherThe palm fruit bunch thresher and the inside revolving drum structure

The inside of the palm fruit thresher machine is a revolving drum structure. Usually, after sterilizing, palm fruit bunches are sent into palm fruit thresher machine's revolving drum. Then, through strong vibration and centrifugal separation rotation, palm fruits are separate from palm fruit bunches. Separated palm fruits are sent into palm oil digester machine while empty palm fruit bunches will be collected and transported to designated place for further process.

Palm fruit thresher machine can greatly improve the processing efficiency of palm oil mill plant and minimizes labor investment. Besides, the steel construction of palm fruit thresher machine is easy to clean and maintain. Henan Doing not only manufactures single palm oil processing machine, but also provide turn-key service for palm oil mill plant. Welcome to contact us!

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