Soybean oil press machine maintenance rules

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Soybean oil press machine's maintenance in soybean oil production process is necessary. Improper maintenance will affect the squeezing effect of soybean oil press, even cause equipment damage. How to maintenance soybean oil press machine? Today I am here for you to summarize the soybean oil press machine daily maintenance rules.

soybean oil press machine

Single screw soybean oil press machine

First of all, after the use of soybean oil press machine for more than three days, inspect the lubrication of equipment to ensure that the gear box have enough oil. Bearing grease screw for each class in the work results, prevent dry grinding damage. Pay attention to the quality of lubricating oil in gearbox inspection, if find deterioration, must be promptly replaced.

Secondly, various components of soybean oil press machine has better not have dust, dirt and other impurities.  

Thirdly, if the quantity of soybean oil pressed by soybean oil press machine reduces, or is not normal, Maybe the screw of soybean oil press machine is out, to check the screw, pressing bar, a wear ring cake, wear parts should be replaced.

soybean oil press machine

Large soybean oil press machine

In addition, after the completion of the work in a timely manner to the residual in the bore fried cake is removed, and wipe the grease soybean oil press machine surface.

Finally, the soybean oil press machine long idle, to carry out a thorough maintenance on the equipment, and carefully to each parts are oiled, prevent rust, affect the next use.

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