Much soybean oil press machine,improving your efficiency

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Much soybean oil press machine can improve your efficiency.

Soybean protein isolated due to good dispersion, emulsification, foaming, water-based, oily and viscoelasticity and other functions and is widely used in food production.Therefore,soybean oil refining plant has the many kinds of functional, which is the food on the application requirements with special function or with certain kinds of balance of best product.

soybean oil press machineSoybean oil press machine

And identification is an important part of biochemistry, haven't alone or a set of ready-made methods can put any kind of protein extracted from a complex mixture of protein, so often take several kinds of methods used in combination.

1. According to the size of soya protein molecule difference method: a) dialysis and ultrafiltration.b) gel filtration method.

2. According to the electrical properties of soybean protein separation: a) electrophoresis;b) ion exchange chromatography.

3. According to the different soybean protein solubility: a)salting out of protein;b) isoelectric point precipitation;c) organic solvent precipitation at low temperature.

soybean oil press machineSoybean oil press machine

There is a kind of very effective method for Separation soybean protein, only after processing can make some for purification of proteins separated from very complex protein mixtures, and the purity is high, this method is based on some proteins with another can be ligand molecules specific rather than the combination of covalent. Basic principle: protein in tissues or cells exists in the form of complex mixtures. Each type of cell contains thousands of different proteins, so the separation and purification of soybean proteins.

cooking oil press machineCooking oil press machine

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