Refined oil processing technology

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Refined oil processing technology, what you know about refined oil process, we give you say the topic is still on refined oil processing process which need to be paid attention to in the process procedures.

cooking oil refining machine

Cooking oil refining machine

Grease rubber not only affects the stability of oil soluble impurities , and effect the oil refining and deep processing technology. Sunflower oil in the process of alkali refining, will promote the increase emulsify, increase difficult problems, such as operation, increase the consumption of smelting and consumption of auxiliary agents, and makes the soap foot quality gradually reduce; In the process of bleaching, adsorbent consumption will be increased, the phenomenon such as reduce the decolorization effect.

small scale cooking oil refining plant

Small scale cooking oil refining plant

There is always a certain number of free fatty acids in sunflower seed oil material, the quantity depends on the basic quality of oil. Not maturity problem of seeds, the seeds of such problems as high breakage, is the main cause of high acid value oil, especially under the condition of high moisture content, is very unfavorable factors for oil saving, this will make the free acid content increased, and reduce the basic quality of grease, oil edible quality deteriorating. Acid, the main methods for problems such as alkali refining and distillation. Distillation is also called the physical refining method, applied in high acid value, low colloid oil refining and other issues. Here the main is alkali refining method.

Caustic soda can counteract, compared to most of the free fatty acids in crude oil generated sodium salt dissolved in oil is not easy to produce, become floccule and settlement and so on.

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