Sesame oil press machine production line

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sesame oil press machineSesame oil press machine production line

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sesame oil press machine production line.  We manufacture sesame oil press machine production line featured with stable structure, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for continuous operation and so on.

1.Main process introduction of sesame oil press machine production line:

Cleaning --Destoning --Crushing --Softening --Cooking --Pressing --filtration

sesame oil press machine production lineThe flow chart of sesame oil press machine production line

Cleaning part:

In order to obtain high effective cleaning, ensure good work condition and production stability, high efficient cleaning screen was use in the process to remove big and small impurity.

Destoning part:

Used to remove impurities such as the proportion of larger stones after cleaning.

Crushing part:

In order to ensure flaking effect, peanut is generally broken up uniformly 6~8 flakes and water distribute uniformly during softening, and flakes is thin and burliness.    

Softening part:

By adjusting the temperature and moisture, making the oil suitable elastic-plastic, reducing the degree of powder when flaking and sticking phenomenon, to ensure the quality of embryo piece.

Flaking part:

Using mechanical power, there will be a particulate oilseeds rolled into a sheet process. Oilseeds' cell wall damaged and shorten the oil discharged from the oilseeds.

Cooking part:

The purtpose refers to steamed fried green body through moist, heating, steam embroy, fry and other treatment, the process of becoming mature embryos. To increase the permeability of the cell wall, make the oil easy flow out.

sesame oil cooking machine Sesame oil cooking machine

2. Sesame oil press machine

Sesame oil screw press machine is a continuous press equipment for the pressing of oil seeds, the machine's featuresare the onetime squeeze, low energy consumption, small footprint, and it is the ideal oil equipment.

Sesame oil press machines

3. Filtration part in sesame oil press machine production line:

In this section, the machine contains crude oil pool, crude oil pump, filter, oil pump etc. To finish the suspended solids filtering, transportation, meals gathering.

sesame oil filration machine Sesame oil filration machine

Our company is one leading producer of oil equipments in China, also one unit exempt from quality examination. We are committed to bringing in new technology, renewing products, keeping leading in this filed. If you have any questions about the sesame oil press machine production line, please feel free to contact us!

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