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Biofuel reffers to fuel derived from organic matter (obtained directly from plants, or indirectly from agricultural, commercial, domestic, and/or industrial wastes) instead of from fossil products.

Biofuels are most useful in liquid or gas from brcause they are easier to transport, deliver and burn cleanly.
Biofuels are primarily used to fuel vehicles, but can also fuel engines or fuel cells for electricity generation.
More advanced and efficient conversion technologies now allow the extraction of biofuels from materials such as wood, crops and waste material.  Biofuels can be solid, gaseous or liquid, even though the term is often used in the literature in marrow sense to refer only to liquid biofuels for transport.
Even though the profuction of liquid biofuels for transport has grown rapidly in recent years it currently represents only 1% of total transport fuel consumption and only 0.2to 0.3% of total energy consumption worlswide.

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