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This video shows us the production process of large scale peanut oil production line, and video is divided into three parts: large scale peanut oil production line 3D video, large scale cooking oil production line live video, and cooking oil project picture display video. I'll give you a detailed introduction next.

By watching the video, we can learn the production process of peanut oil. First of all, peanut seeds through conveying equipment into cleaning equipment (vibrating screen, de-stonner), the purpose of this step is to remove leaves, stones and other impurities, and then into crusher and flaking roll, the role of crushing and flaking is to reduce the pressure of subsequent pressing and improve oil yield of peanuts, then, peanuts into cooking, cooking can adjust the temperature and moisture of peanuts, next peanuts be pressed, crude peanut oil obtained by pressing machine into leaf filter for filtering, and finally into crude oil tank for temporary storage.

700-532大型花生油生产线3D图片.jpgLarge scale peanut oil processing machine 3D photo

The second part of the video shows the real scene of cooking oil production line, and we can see the appearance of cooking oil processing equipment from video. The third part of video shows pictures of cooking oil project, cooking oil solvent extraction project, and cooking oil refining project. These videos and images are real feedback from customers. If you would like to know more pictures and videos of cooking oil production line, please feel free to contact us and we can provide it for free.

700-894食用油项目案例.jpgCooking oil mill plant project cases

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