What equipment are required for soybean oil production?

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Soybean oil is one of the most commonly used edible oils and the market demand is very large. Many people are optimistic about the soybean oil production business and decided to buy soybean oil processing equipment to start it. So what equipment are required for soybean oil production? Let Henan Glory Company makes an introduction for you.
Soybean oil processing equipment mainly includes pretreatment equipment, pressing equipment, and refining equipment. And you can select the soybean oil processing equipment based on your requirements of soybean oil quality requirements and investment budget.

700-333大豆油生产设备.jpgSoybean oil processing equipment

Pretreatment stage is mainly to clean up the soybean raw materials and adjust the soybean to the best condition for pressing. The equipment used in pretreatment steps mainly includes cleaning sieve, stone remover, magnetic separator, softening pot, cracker, flaking machine, puffing machine, cooker. And the pressing stage is used soybean oil pressing equipment to extract soybean oil out, and people can get crude soybean oil here. And in refining stage, people can use soybean oil refining equipment to improve the oil storage stability, flavor and color to get higher standard edible soybean oil. Recommended reading: Soybean oil processing plant working process 3D animation

If you just want to do a small business and your investment budget for soybean oil processing equipment is relatively small, then our soybean oil pressing equipment or simple soybean oil production line can meet your needs. It has the advantages of stable operation, short payback cycle, easy handling features.

And if you have enough investment budget to develop a standard or big scale soybean oil processing plant and you have higher requirements for final soybean oil quality, then you can buy complete soybean oil production line.

Henan Glory Company has been exporting edible oil processing equipment for more than 10 years, with clients in more than 90 countries all over the world, and the equipment has received a lot of good feedback from from customers. If you also want to develop soybean oil production business, welcome to contact us and tell us your requirements, our engineer team can customize you the most suitable solutions and the best soybean oil processing equipment for you!

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