How does an edible oil refinery plant work?

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In recent years, edible oil refinery plant becomes more and more common and they usually refine the crude edible oil that purchased from the suppliers or produced by its own edible oil production workshop, then sold the refined edible oil to the refined edible oil market.

Everyone knows that there are more refined edible oils appearing on the market now, which is widely welcomed by everyone. Now more and more people choose to do refined oil business and expand refineries on the basis of their existing crude oil pressing plants , or buy crude oil from crude oil suppliers for refining, refined oil has a good market. So why should edible oil be refined?

crude soybean oil and refined soybean oilCrude edible oil and refined edible oil

After the initial pressing, the crude oil will contain gum, moisture, deep color and unpleasant odor, which will not only affect the taste, but also the sales market. Refining is the refining of crude oil to remove impurities and unpleasant odors, remove unsightly colors, and obtain oil that meets national standards. So how does the refinery plant work?

It mainly includes five steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, filtration and deodorization.

Degumming: Add food grade phosphoric acid to the crude oil to transform the non hydrated phospholipid into hydrated phospholipid, and add water to make the gum enter the aqueous phase to precipitate and remove and obtain purer edible oil.

Deacidification: Then the crude oil is added with food grade alkaline for acid-base neutralization reaction and removed by heating and natural sedimentation, then it becomes acid-base neutralized refined edible oil.

Decolorization:When the oil is heated to a certain temperature, a certain amount of activated clay and activated carbon are added in the neutralized oil, the pigment in the oil will be physically adsorbed, then you can get refined bleached edible oil.

Deodorization: Evaporate unpleasant odors and moisture in a high-temperature vacuum environment to obtain refined oil of good quality.

edible oil refinery plantEdible oil refinery plant

See the attachment for the equipment video of the edible oil refining workshop

Through the above introduction, is everyone very clear about the operation of the refinery? Our engineers have more than ten years of project experience in Indonesia, the technology is very mature, and the quality of the refined oil obtained meets the national standards. Our projects are spread all over the world, such as the 2TPD refining project in Congo-Brazzaville, the 5TPD refining project in Indonesia, the 100TPD refining project in Kenya and other projects. We can provide cost-effective machine and thoughtful after-sales service! Welcome to leave a message!

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