What machines are needed in soybean oil extraction process?

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Because the soybean oil extraction process needs to go through several steps, such as cleaning, crushing, softening, flaking, cooking, pressing and filtering, there are many machines needed. The following will be introduced to you one by one.

54654645Soybean oil extraction machine

Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines includes vibrating screen, magnetic separator and destoner machine. These three machines are used to filter the impurities in the oil, like dust and ropes, iron scraps, stones, etc.

Crushing machine

The crushing machine can reduce soybean grain size appropriately and increase the surface area of the materials, which is convenient for subsequent softening processing

Softening machine

Roller softening pot makes the structure of materials loose by controlling it’s temperature and humidity in order to improve the plasticity and oil yield of the material and facilitate processing.

Flaking machine

Flaking machine can squeeze the material into thin sheets, which shorten the oil passage greatly.

Cooking machine

Cooking machine can control the temperature and humidity of soybeans, which can fully destroy the tissue of cell in the thin sheets, improve the oil yield rate.

Pressing machine

The pressing machine squeezes the soybean oil out from the soybean material by mechanical force.

Filtering machine

The filter will filter out the trace impurities in the pressed oil and improve the quality of edible oil.

soybean oil extract processSoybean oil extraction process

Of course, there are a lot of methods to get soybean oil, due to the differences of the extraction methods, the equipment to be needed are different slightly, if you have more question, welcome to ask us. Henan Glory Oils & Fats Engineering Co., Ltd will guide you to solve your problems efficiently.

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