What kind of soybean oil extraction method is best for making animal feed?

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There are two kinds of soybean oil extraction method: pressing method and solvent extraction method. What method is best for making animal feed? The answer is solvent extraction method.

Solvent extraction is using the solvent to extract the oil from soybeans that has been processed ahead. After that, you can get soybean meal that only contains less 1% residual oil. However, if using pressing method, the soybean cakes will contains 6-7% residual oil, and the water content of cakes is generally above 13%, which is also easy to cause rancidity due to oxidation, not conducive to long-term storage.

soybean oil extraction machineThe products using pressing method in soybean oil making process

Not only the residual oil contents are different, but also the protein contents have big difference. The protein content in the pressed soybean cakes is below 40%, while the protein content of the soybean meal is generally above 43%.

Besides, the soybean cakes obtained after pressing is a raw bean cake, which cannot be directly used to feed non-ruminant animals such as chickens and pigs. It needs to be steamed or dried after being fed, which not only increases the breeding cost, but also brings many inconveniences.

soybean oil extaction machineThe products using solvent extraction method in soybean oil making process

As for price, although the price of pressed soybean cake is cheaper than soybean meal, because of the significant difference in moisture and protein content between bean cake and soybean meal, it is more cost-effective to use soybean meal as animal feed.

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