How to extract pure soybean oil from soybean seeds?

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How to extract pure soybean oil from soybean seeds?

Whether you make soybean oil at home by yourself or make it by soybean oil extraction machine, soybean seeds should be pretreated and cleaned in advance to get rid of impurities.  

soybean oil extraction machinePretreatment machines in soybean oil extraction plant

In large scale soybean oil extraction plant, there are many machines to pretreat soybean, such as cleaning sieve, de-stonner, crushing machine, softening pot, flaking machine, etc. Soybean crushing machine is used for crushing soybean into small pieces, which can help to extract more oil from the seeds. Softening is a special step for soybean oil making to improve the ductility of soybean. Then flaking machine can make the soybean to 3mm-5mm flakes, and destroy the soybean oil cell to make it easy to extraction oil out.

The complete soybean oil extraction process:

Soybean seeds → Cleaning → Crushing → Softening → Flaking → Pre-press or solvent extraction workshop

soybean oil extraction processSoybean oil extraction process

soybean oil press machineSoybean oil press machine

This soybean oil press machine is a single-screw oil presser, besides we also have hydraulic oil pressers, integrated oil pressers and large pre-press oil pressers.

The advantages of soybean oil extraction plant:

1. high nutrition

2. light color

3. frying without bubble in cooking

Why choose Henan Doing Company's soybean oil extraction plant?

1. Wide application for various vegetable oil seeds.

2. Simple design and easy operation.

3. Continuous working with low noise.

4. High rate of oil yield.

5. Energy saving

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