What is the function of crushing machine used in cooking oil processing plant?

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cooking oil seed crusher machineOil seeds crusher machine

Crushing machine is mainly used to process large particles oilseeds into small pieces, like soybean, peanut  etc. It is an important equipment in cooking oil processing plant, because the effect of crushing machine will affect the oil yield.

The function of crushing machine:

1. To make the oilseeds have certain granularity for easy rolling compact.

2. To increase the superficial area of the oilseeds, which is beneficial to the transmitting of temperature and water during the oil plant softening process.

3. To crush the oilseeds into small grains in order to press oil.

The operation requirement of oilseeds crusher machine:

1. The oilseeds should be uniform. For example, the soybean grain should be 4-6parts/pc, and peanut is 6-8 parts/pc;

2. The powder ratio should be low, limit the powder ratio within 10% when it passing through 20 mesh sieve(hole/inch).

oil seeds crusher machineOil seeds crusher machine

The Features of oilseeds crushing machine:

1. High performance

2. Longer functional life

3. Less power consumption

4. Optimum durability

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