How much it will cost to make and install 20TPD groundnut oil processing plant in Nigeria?

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For a groundnut oil processing plant that plans to process 20 tons of groundnuts per day. The cost of equipment manufacturing and installation mainly depends on the planned daily working hours of the factory. Because if the daily processing capacity of raw materials is confirmed, the working hours determine the maximum processing capacity of the equipment, thereby determining the production investment cost of the equipment.

Groundnut oil processing plant.jpgGroundnut oil processing plant

Usually, processing 20 tons of raw materials per day, and more customers choose to have the production workshop run 24 hours a day, which is the most cost-effective way to meet production needs. Depending on the device configuration, the device price ranges from $32000 to $70000.

If the initial budget is low for customers, the production equipment mainly includes transmission equipment, roasters, oil presses, and plate frame filters. These equipment can meet the most basic production needs. The roaster can adjust the moisture and temperature of the raw materials to achieve the most suitable pressing state, greatly improving the oil yield. The oil press adopts a circular row oil press, which is designed to be more wear-resistant, has a longer service life, is not easily damaged, and has a residual oil rate of approximately 6% -7%. After obtaining the crude oil. In order to further improve the quality and storage time of edible oil. We have also added filtering equipment after the crushing section. Filtering through a filter cloth not only removes small impurities in edible oil, but also absorbs moisture from the crude oil.

Small scale groundnut oil processing machine.jpgSmall scale groundnut oil processing machine

If the budget is sufficient, we will also equip cleaning and crushing equipment before cooking the raw materials. Cleaning equipment removing impurities from the raw materials through vibration screening not only makes the raw materials cleaner, but also prevents impurities from entering the subsequent equipment and causing damage to the equipment.

The pressing equipment crushes the raw materials, turning groundnut into smaller particles, which can increase the contact area between the oil press and the oil, further improving the oil yield. If you plan to process 20 tons of groundnuts per day, but want to shorten the daily working hours to 10-12 hours. This means that the equipment needs to meet the processing capacity of 40 tons of raw materials per day. The cost of a complete groundnut oil processing plant is about $170,000.

Groundnut oil production processing.jpgGroundnut oil production processing

Overall, based on our past project experience and project investment return rate. If we plan to process 20 tons of raw materials every day, we would recommend that the groundnut oil processing plant be able to operate 24 hours a day. Staff can consider a shift system, which can greatly save our initial investment and provide us with the opportunity to increase our processing capacity and generate more income in the future.

About the installation of equipment, in order to save customers' installation costs, we will arrange 1-2 professional engineers to guide the installation and participate in the debugging and training work after equipment installation. Our engineers will not depart and return until the equipment is operating normally and the workers are able to operate the equipment independently.

Training operators.jpgTraining operators

Besides groundnut oil processing plant, our company also provides equipment for refining and dewaxing edible oil. In addition, we can also provide professional palm oil production equipment and customized solutions based on your current situation. If you have any questions you would like to know, please feel free to contact us at any time!

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