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By watching the above video we can understand the running situation of different types of edible oil expeller. There are three types of edible oil expeller in the video, respectively screw oil expeller, automatic temperature control expeller, automatic temperature control filtration integrated expeller. The functions and characteristics of three types of edible oil expeller are also different, Next, I will introduce them to you in detail in combination with the video.(Recommend reading:Groundnut oil press machine/soybean oil expeller/sesame oil mill )

Three types of edible oil expeller photo.jpgThree types of edible oil expeller photo

1. Screw oil expeller: the processing capacity of this oil extraction machine is 1-20T/day, with less investment, small footprint and other advantages. Screw oil expeller can not only deal with soybean, peanut, sunflower seeds and other common oil, but also can deal with castor seeds, safflower seeds, Shan tung seeds, palm fruit, palm kernel and other special oil.

2. Automatic temperature control oil expeller: the capacity of the oil press is 1-11t/ day, with a higher degree of automation, saving manpower and other advantages, widely used in small and medium-sized edible oil processing plants and processing workshops.

3. Automatic temperature control filtration integrated expeller: the processing capacity of this oil press is 1-11t/ day, one equipment can complete the two processes of oil pressing and filtering, saving your investment cost.

Over the years, Henan Glory company to provide customers with edible oil expeller has been efficient, stable performance, long service life. Edible oil expeller can help you get high quality edible oil and improve economic efficiency. If you want to know more about edible oil expeller, we look forward to cooperating with you.

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