How is palm oil made?

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Wondering how palm oil is made? Please read on, we will combine this video to give you a detailed introduction.

Firstly, I will tell you what is the device in the video? Secondly, I will tell you how palm oil is made by using these palm oil processing machine.

The device shown in the video is a 5tph small scale palm oil processing machine prototype made by the engineers of Henan Doing Company. It is mainly used to demonstrate to customers.

Next, let's learn about how palm oil is extracted. Firstly the palm fruit is transported through the conveyor equipment, and then enters the palm fruit sterilizer to boil the palm fruit, which can destroy the enzymes in the fruit to prevent the increase of FFA content in palm oil. Then the sterilized palm fruit bunches will be transported to the palm fruit thresher to separate the palm fruit from the palm fruit bunch. And then the palm fruit will be transported into the digester to crush palm fruit to palm fruit pulp, following the palm fruit pulp is transported to the screw oil press to extract palm oil. Finally, we need to use palm oil clarification equipment to filter the palm oil to separate out impurities to obtain high quality palm oil. The final segment of the video shows the filtered palm oil feedback video from our Nigerian customer.

If you also want to carry out palm oil processing projects, please contact us, our engineers can customize palm processing solutions for you according to your specific needs.

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