What is the process involved in producing vegetable oil from palm fruit?

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To produce vegetable oil from palm fruit, there is seven processes involved. They include sterilizing, threshing, digesting, pressing, clarifying, filtering and refining. Next, Henan Glory Company introduce them for you one by one.

The first process involved in producing vegetable oil from palm fruit is sterilizing. What is sterilizing? Sterilizing is to steam the palm fruit bunches with steam and make the palm fruit soft, which can make the threshing process more easily. In sterilizing process, it uses palm fruit sterilizing machine, which has two types: vertical and horizontal. The engineer will design it based on the need of customer.

The second process involved in making palm oil is threshing. After sterilizing, the palm fruit has became soft. Through rotating, the palm fruit can be separated from the bunches in palm fruit threshing machine.

The third process is digesting, which is used to make the palm fruit smashed, and easy to be pressed. The palm fruit digesting machine is vertical type and is often placed above the palm oil press machine. After digesting, the palm fruit seriflux will go into the palm oil press machine directly.

The fourth process is pressing palm oil. Henan Glory Company designs double screw palm oil press machine, which can be customize according to the customer's requirement. It can be equipped in the palm oil production line, and also can be used by itself.

The fifth process is crude palm oil clarifying. It will use vibrating screen and oil clarifying tank to remove some impurities from crude palm oil.

The sixth process is filtering. Plate filter machine will filter other impurities from palm oil, and make it more clean.

The last process involved in producing vegetable oil from palm fruit is refining. Through palm oil refining process, the palm oil can be qualified with the national standard of vegetable oil. The palm oil refining process includes degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization four steps. And the palm oil refining machine has batch type, semi-continuous type and full-continuous type three kinds, which can be customized, too.

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