What are the critical process stages in edible oil refinery?

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Edible oil refinery has four critical process stages: degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. Each process stage has the different functions. Normally all these process stages are demanded for an edible oil refinery plant. But if some customers have their own special planning, the process stages of edible oil refinery can be adjusted depending on the available technology.

edible oil refinery processFour critical process stages in edible oil refinery

Do you know the details about these four critical process stages in edible oil refinery? If you want to build an edible oil refinery plant, it's better to know the functions of each process stage.

The first process stage is degumming, which is used to remove the gum in the crude oil. But for the different kinds of vegetable oil, the gum content are different. So it needs different technology for refining process. For example, the gum content of palm oil is very less, so it can use the dry type degumming technology. But the soybean oil has much gum, and it needs the water type degumming technology.

degumming process of edible oilWater type degumming technology in soybean oil refinery

The second process stage is deacidification, which is used to remove the FFA(free fatty acid) of the crude oil to extend the storage period of the edible oil. There are two types deacidification technology:  chemical and physical deacidification technology. Our engineer will help you to choose the suitable deacidification technology according to your crude oil specifications.

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The third is decolorization process stage, which is used to make the dark color oil become light color and looks more clear. Decolorization will use the white clay to absorb the pigment. The white clay is very common chemical for food processing factory, and very easy to buy in local market.

bleaching process of edible oilThe functions of white clay in edible oil decolorization process

The fourth steps is deodorization process stage, which is used to remove the bad smell. For the deodorization processing, the batch type and continuous type have the different functions. The batch type deodorization tank only have one function is to remove the bad smell. But the continuous deodorization tower not only can remove the bad smell, but also can remove the FFA.

If you want to know more about the process of edible oil refinery or build the edible oil refinery plant, please send us your needs, and our engineer will design the most suitable proposal for you.

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