Palm oil mill plant with thresher machine/threshing drum palm oil

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Normally, palm oil threshing is the third section during palm oil processing. After sterilizing, palm fruit is sent to thresher drum. Then, threshing drum separates palm fruit from palm bunches through strong vibration or centrifugal separation rotation. Separated palm fruit comes to next palm oil processing section, while empty bunches will be collected and transported to designated place for further process. Threshing drum palm oil can greatly improve the efficiency of palm oil processing and minimizes labor investment. Besides, steel constructed threshing section is easy to operate, clean and maintain.

This is large capacity palm fruit threshing machine working video.Palm fruit thresher machine can separate palm kernel from palm bunches(FFB)with high efficiency.The drum type palm fruit thresher is the usual machine to separate the palm fruit.

Besides palm fruit threshing machine,we can produce and supply other palm oil processing machine,such as palm fruit sterilizing machine,palm fruit digesting machine,palm oil pressing machine,crude palm oil clarification machine ,palm oil refining machine and palm kernel oil processing machine.

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