How to produce palm oil ?

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There are so many palm trees in different contries such as Malaysia and Nigeria.For these kind of palm tree countries,palm oil making is important.Than what is the problem ?How to produce palm oil ?And how to choose a suitable extraction way to produce oil ?Following is the description of how to produce palm oil.It is the new techonology of palm oil producing.

Palm oil producing plant

1. Fresh palm fruit bunch:

FFB means fresh palm fruit bunch. Palm oil fruit can be harvested all the year round. After cutting from palm trees, fresh palm fruit bunch must be processed within 2days. Or the acid value will be high and affect the final palm oil quality

Fresh palm fruit bunch

2. Threshing section:
Threshing section is used to separate palm fruit seeds and the empty palm fruit bunch.

Threshing section

3. No steam sterilizing section :
This section is used to sterilize palm fruit, the difference between our new palm oil machines and traditional way is: No Steam, No cages; No sewage (No waste water);

No steam sterilizing section

4. Crushing section :
This section is mainly to crush the palm fruit, keep palm kernel the oil unbroken, and the crude palm oil is extracted easily and effectively. The palm kernel will be transported to nut polishing system.

Crushing section

5. Palm fruit pressing section :
To extract the crude palm oil from the palm fruit; Low oil residual in palm cake. High quality cake, which can be made to animal feed.

Palm fruit pressing section

6. Filter section:
The filter is used to remove the impurities in the crude red palm oil.

Filter section

7. Crude red palm oil-CPO

Crude red palm oil-CPO

8. Palm oil refinery and fractionation section

Palm oil refinery plant

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