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Distillation equipment

Distillation equipment

distillation equipment

Our distillation equipment is unique in Chinese market now. The Biodiesel distillation equipment can be used to process waste plastic oil, waste tires oil, waste engineer oil, waste used oil to diesel. It has some advantages like long service life, better oil quality, continuous working, high oil yield etc.

1.Long service life
Indirect heating can protect reactor, which makes no pollutions and greatly increase the service life of oil distillation machine.

2.Better oil quality
After oil distillation, we will add some chemical to remove color and odor in the diesel, so as to improve the diesel quality.
The diesel from our oil distillation machine can be used in diesel generator, tractors, trucks etc.

3.Continuous working
When operate oil distillation equipment, first you pump oil inside the reactor to heat. After finished heating, it will become oil gas and goes to cooling system.
Then start another tank. So, the first reactor is empty, no need to stop, you could pump another tank of oil again into the first tank, continuously working.
4.High oil yield.
The raw material for our oil distillation equipment can be tire oil, plastic oil or waste oil. After processed by our oil distillation equipment you can get 85% diesel and the remaining will be bitumen.
Welcome to contact us and get more useful information about oil distillation equipment.

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