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The flow chart of tires pyrolysis equipment

Date:2013-06-20 17:41:50 / Pyrolysis Plant

The flow chart of tires pyrolysis equipment

The whole tires pyrolysis equipment  system composite by 11 parts, those are reactor ,driving device ,vertical catalytic chamber,cooling tube,oil and water separator ,condenser ,heavy oil tank ,light oil tank , anti-back fire device vacuum system and dedusting device.

Reactor is one of the most important parts. The material and welding technology of reactor will have a direct impact on safety and durable life . In order to guarrantee the quality of reactor ,we use auto welder .The welding seam will get X-ray detection and heating treatment .
Condensers adopt water cooling way and the inner cooling tube are made of seamless steel pipe ,the diameter is 48mm.the heat exchaging area is about 13 square meter ,the total heat exchaging area is 40 square meter to get the best temprature for oil gas liquified.

The vaccum system of tires pyrolysis equipment system will guarrantee no oil gas leak ,safety ,and environment protection and energy saving and lower the temprature for pyrolysis and save fuel while continous feeding.
The main characters of tires pyrolysis equipment system :

The characters of tire pyrolysis equipment

     1. reactor with auto welding to quarrantee the quality of welding seam and avoid cracking
     2. professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber for welding seam .
     3. vacuum system to prevent oil gas be back to reactor causing accident.
     4. with temprature meter ,pressure meter and safety valve.

Environment friendly:
     1.dedusting system to prevent gas and dust from coal burning
     2.the exhaust gas will be recycled for heating reactor ,no gas pollution
     3.well sealing on every junction parts to prevent gas leak,no smelly

Longer life :
     use Q245R special steel plate ,thickness 14mm. welding seam with auto welding and will get heating treatment and x-ray detection to extend the life of reactor to the most extend.
     the life will be 8 years
Energy saving:
     1. well sealing for heating system ,no gas leak and saving fuel.
     2. the exhaust gas will be recycled for reactor heating .  

Technical parameter of  tires pyrolysis equipment
1Equipment typeDY-1-6DY-1-8DY-1-10
2Raw materialtires/Plastictires/Plastictires/Plastic
3Structural formHorizontal rotationHorizontal rotationHorizontal rotation
424-hour Capacity6 ton8 ton10 ton
5Oil yield2.7ton3.6 ton4.5 ton
6Operating pressureNormalNormalNormal
7Marerial of RactorQ245RQ245RQ245R
8Thickness of Ractor14mm14mm14mm
9Rotate speed of Ractor0.4turn/minute0.4turn/minute0.4turn/minute
10Total power12KW12KW12KW
11Mode of coolingWater coolingWater coolingWater cooling
12Cooling area of condensor40㎡40㎡53㎡
13Kind of transmissionInternal gear driveInternal gear driveInternal gear drive
14Noise dB(A)≤85≤85≤85
15Size of Reactor(D×L)2200×60002200×66002600×6600
16Working formIntermittent oprationIntermittent oprationIntermittent opration
17Delivery time20days20days20days

The formula of economic benefit analysis

The cost of 8 ton tireA
Oil outputB=8ton*45%=3.6ton
Electricity :D=15kw*20hour
Wokers’salaryE=4(persons) *Price/Person
Crude oil F=8ton*45%*Price/ton
Carbon blackG=8ton*35%*Price/ton
Tires wireH=8ton*10%*Price/ton

If take waste truck tires as raw material,and DY-1-8   type as equipment;Economic benefit analysis of DY-1-8 type equipment
1.Daily cost:
a.       Raw material:8 ton*1700.00RMB/ton=13600.00RMB
b.       Fuel:0.4ton*800RMB/ton=320.00RMB
c.       Water and electricity:15kw*20hour*0.71RMB/kw=213.00RMB
d.       Workers’salary:4(persons) *50.00RMB/Person=200.00RMB
e.       Tax(remark):free from tax for environmental protection equipment
f.        Total:14333.00RMB
2.Daily turnover:
a.Carbon black:8ton*35%=2.8ton*1500RMB=4200.00RMB
b.Crude oil :8ton*45%=3.6ton*4500RMB/ton=16200.00RMB
c.Tires wire :8ton*10%=0.8ton*2500RMB/ton=2000.00RMB
Total :22400.00RMB
3.Daily gross profit :
Gross profit=daily turnover-daily cost=22400.00RMB-14333RMB=8067.00RMB

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