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Waste plastic recycling to oil equipment

Input capacity:
Scope of application:PP,PE,PS,ABS
Fuel oil:30%--80%

High oil yield: strong cooling system, adopt tube type water cooling, the heating exchanging area is very large,  all the condensable oil gas can be liquefied into oil, ensure high oil output and less tail gas.
High safety: whole line operated under vacuum, avoid the risk of high pressure, meanwhile, press gauges, thermometers, safety valves are installed in the key parts to prevent accident caused by high pressure and temperature.
Good environment protection: professional gas scrubbing system can efficiently clean the flue gas to maximum extent. The patented chemical formula help greatly remove the factory bad smell.
Energy consumptionLow power consumption, the total power is only 19kw.
Working form:Intermittent operation(non-continuous)
Warranty:We provide one year’s warranty for free.

DOING Company is specialized in environmental and recycling technology. We focus on the development, design, manufacturing and marketing of the waste plastic recycling to oil equipment, oil distillation equipment as well as some related auxiliary devices.
If you are looking for new ways of waste plastic management, waste plastic recycling to oil is a good choice for its high profits and shorter time investment take-back.
Any interests, you are welcome to contact with us!

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