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Pyrolysis plant dedusting system

Date:2013-06-20 17:29:06 / Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis plant dedusting system

 Our dedusting system has a more complicated and scientific design than others in order to remove the dust and sulfer. Add Cao into the circulating water and use high-pressure hydraulic pump to press this water into high pressure nozzle(also can be called Spray Scrubber) which can first atomize the water, then reactor with So while, at the same time, absorb the dust in the smoke. After the process of our dust removal system, the color of the smoke is white, which means our machine can reach the international purification standard and will not cause pollution on environment. The water mixed with Cao is circulating, so, no need to drain but just add it with its evaporating.

Chemical equation:Cao+H2O→Ca(OH)2SO2+Ca(OH)2→CaSO3+H2O

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