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New agricultural machinery high quality wheat drying machine

Date:2015-08-10 11:32:52 / Oil Press Machine /Give me the price

The installing drying machine in the factory

DY brand tower type wheat dryer is suitable for drying high moist paddy,  wheat, mung bean,

sorg hum,   rape seed, and other grains. It is mainly used among small  and medium  size grain  supply  center, farms, self-planting grain farmers, etc.Even drying, quality of dried grain can be  maintained. Grains are free from pollution through indirect heating, clean air is heated through a heat exchanger by hot air generated from burning of coal and stalks.

The using grain drying machine

Tower wheat dryer is also called the grain dryers, grain dryingmachine  is an ideal equipment  for  drying grain and oil, processed products fromthe top input, through the feeding device, to ensure that the equipment alwaysin full load condition during operation. After turning inward bottomlessv-shaped flap and processing with staggered joint action of multiple rows of"V" baffle, makes possible the mix of processed products, but also asdry air in and out of the channel, the fan will be used gas into the collector,purification, most of the dry air can be recycled, so save the fuel consumption.

The structure of grain drying machine

Dryer Structure Diagram

1. Elevator  2.Elevator main drive  3.Guard Bar  4.Manhole  5.Lifting Hook  6. Tower Body 7.Elevator Fixed Bottom 8. Hot-blast Air Pipe    9.Exhaust Duct 10.Hot-blast Main Pipe 11.Elevator with tension governor motion       12.Grain Feed Hopper    13.Cycle Feed Hopper  14.Clean bottom plate   15. Observe Hole  16. Row grain below storage hooper   17. Bottom observe hole   18.Uniform distribution row grain mechanism

raw materials of wheat drying machine

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