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Tower corn drying machine with high efficiency

Date:2015-08-10 10:11:01 / Oil Press Machine /Give me the price

The installed corn drying machine

Tower corn drying machine is mainly composed of drying section, cooling section, discharging section, etc. It adopts mixed flow drying technology and can conduct one-time or circulated drying with the medium of clean hot air. Grain flows slowly from top to bottom along the channel between angular boxes under the influence of gravity, while the hot air comes into the dryer through the angular box, and then passes through the grain layer, flows to the surrounding air exhaust boxes, turns into exhaust gas, and eventually gets discharged from the air exhaust box. The heating up temperature of grain in the dryer is an alternating process. Thin grain layer, low fan power and low power consumption result in lower cost. The hot-blast stove is composed of the furnace body, the heat exchanger and other components. It takes coal, straw, waste wood, rice husk as its fuel. The heat exchanger is made of heat resistant material, so it has high thermal efficiency and long service life.

The selling corn drying machine

Corn drying machine performance characteristics:
1. By adopting transverse many groove dry department, grain crisscross circulation, change thermal evaporation even fully
2. Prevent explosion waist of fixed speed drying control mode, rainfall rate and hot air temperature controlled by computer, do not need artificial setting
3. Prevent grain metamorphic grain temperature control method
4. Prevent excessive drying of automatic water testing downtime device
5. Installation is convenient
6. High moisture rice, wheat can also high quality drying
7. Safe, reliable, clean convenient
8. Many kinds of fuel to choose from
9. Easy maintenance, ease use

The working grain drying machine

Technical parameters of small scalestationary dryer:











Heat rate















Reduction of moisture


Heating medium

clean  air

The structure of corn drying machine

Dryer Structure Diagram

1. Elevator 2.Elevator main drive  3.GuardBar  4.Manhole  5.Lifting Hook  6. Tower Body 7.Elevator Fixed Bottom 8.Hot-blast Air Pipe    9.Exhaust Duct10.Hot-blast Main Pipe 11.Elevator with tension governor motion       12.Grain Feed Hopper    13.Cycle Feed Hopper  14.Clean bottom plate   15. Observe Hole16. Row grain below storage hooper   17. Bottom observe hole   18.Uniform distribution row grain mechanism

Raw materials of grain drying machine:

The drying corn

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