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Recycling pyrolysis plant auxiliary equipment

Date:2013-06-20 17:26:33 / Pyrolysis Plant

1.Tyre cutting machine

Tyre cutting machine

This kind of tyre cutting machine could be applied to cut all kinds of rubber blocks and strips. It is good for cutting rubber tyre, rail tyre,rubber strips etc. It consists of motor, hydraulic  system , oil cylinder, a pair of blades, machine shelf and rotation rotors.

2.Steel wire bundling machine

Steel wire bundling machine

The wire bundling machine is used to manage the steel wire from waste tyres. With two hydraulic cylinders, one lifting up and down, the other one moving backwards and forwards, the steel wire in the moulded machine chamber can be pressed into a cuboid bundle. The wire bundle is much easier for people to transport and store than the wire in a mess state. Also bundled wire enjoy a better price.

3.Carbon black pellet machine

carbon black pellet machine

The carbon black pellet machine is  mainly  used for mineral powder,metal powder,coal ash,coal mud,coke powder,coking coal,charcoal and desulfurization gypsum powder briquette industries with the application of  reducing bud dust,controlling volume,recycling.And the final  briquette are easy to transport and store. It has high efficiency,energy-saving and environment protection.

Binder mixer

Grinding mill

Finished CB pellet

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